Bemowo in brief

Dear Friends,

Bemowo is one of the friendliest places to live and invest in Warsaw. The district is situated in the Northwest area of the city. Bemowo is placed near Kampinos National Park and full of greenery, but it also boasts good transport links with the city centre.

Those who choose to live in Bemowo, currently over 120.000 inhabitants, benefit from pleasant surroundings and excellent access to other districts of the city. The district's most prominent assets are road renovations as well as public transportation system, which is constantly modernized. In the nearest future, urban rapid railway links and a subway line will be made available for the inhabitants.

New and renovated sport and cultural venues, such as the modern Football Center or the Amphitheater, prove how much effort local authorities make to provide residents with various forms of entertainment. Thanks to that, Bemowo is no longer perceived as one of city suburbs. It starts to become a place to live and a place full of cultural and sports attractions.

The Fortifications from the 1880. and Friendship Housing Estate show that history is an integral part of everyday life here.We also take care of local greenery, because of its importance to the quality of life.

Yours Sincerely
Michał Grodzki
Mayor of Bemowo District

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Bemowo District Office
Powstańców Śląskich 70
01-381 Warsaw - Poland

phone number: 0048 22 44 37 551